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    Hello to all <BR>I want to add messanger facility in my site just like mns.com <BR>i.e if you massenger is on and if you open mns.com site then top right side you can view which buddies are on and off line and onclick massenger winopens from you tray <BR>I want to know how can i do this <BR>Is there any COM/ActiveX avaliable for this purpose <BR>Please some guide me <BR>Thanks in Advance

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    If this were ICQ, it wouldn&#039;t be all that hard - they gladly allow you to add this type of stuff to their site. Heck, the&#039;ll even show you how. Not so for MSN, erg. I honestly don&#039;t know the answer, but I can suggest that you send them an email. If they don&#039;t answer, just keep sending. Eventually they&#039;ll answer.<BR><BR><BR>-Defiant005

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