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    Default Whole number to decimal

    When submitting can I have the whole number converted to a decimal??

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    Default When submitting, VBS doesn't care

    And neither does any DB when you do a SQL insert.<BR><BR>The only one that cares if a number is 17 or 17.0 or 17.00 or whatever is a human being.<BR><BR>If you want to know how to *DISPLAY* a number in a particular format, then...<BR><BR>Click on this link: <BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/script56/html/vbscripttoc.asp <BR><BR>Click on "Functions" in the list of topics that appear near the center of the page. <BR><BR>Click on "FormatNumber" in the list of functions. <BR><BR>Read. <BR><BR>May I suggest that it is good reading to read through *all* of the functions (and other keywords) that VBS supports at least once? You probably won&#039;t remember the details of each function, but at least you will be aware of their existence and know where to find help the next time. <BR><BR>(I&#039;d also suggest you download the VBS docs to your own machine, to avoid the very slow MSDN server.) <BR><BR>

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