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    Hello I am trying to do write an image file stored on a database...<BR><BR>Response.ContentType = rs("Content Type")<BR>Response.BinaryWrite rs("File Data")<BR><BR>content type is image/gif<BR>and the File is the actual Binary data of the image..<BR><BR>My question, how can protect the image file from not able to download? After I run the script the image file is downloadable by right clicking.<BR><BR>Please help.<BR>

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    Default If this isn't in the Faqs it should be....

    If my browser can view the image, I can download it. I&#039;m pretty sure on that. Sure you can disable the right button with some JavaScript but if I really want the image I&#039;ve several options: disable Javascript in my browser or simply get the image from the Temporary Internet Files. So if you don&#039;t want users to save your image don&#039;t publish them on the internet.<BR><BR>Note on the side: (yes, without the S) has an really good way of hiding your Javascript files from vistors, it took me a lot of time to complete his little assignment and get the commented word form his javascript ;-(

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