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    I wanted to get some other people&#039;s takes on how they would go about implementing this request:<BR><BR>"Users will have the ability to search everything on the site. Here&#039;s a small sample of what they&#039;ll be able to search: static pages, dynamic pages, products in the database, press releases in the database, etc. Can you do some research and find the best way to do this, how we would implement it, and what is required (for example, meta tags in all pages)."<BR><BR>I would think that the MS Indexing Server wouldnt necessarily be the best idea since it can&#039;t also search the database, whereas a simple database search also would have its drawbacks in that one item in the database (say a guitar for instance) would be referenced in the store pages, the reviews, the support pages, and audio demo pages but the database itself has no inherant way of know what pages uses its data.

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    One way that will allow you to still use MS Indexing Server is to write a couple of VB programs that periodically go out and gather the information that you want to have searched and create standard HTML files out of the data. Those standard HTML files can have a meta refresh tag that redirects them to the dynamic page. The HTML files can be as simple as having a couple of body tags with the information comma seperated format.

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