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    Does any one know where I can get a copy of the Windows Script Encoder? I have seen several references to it (even in Microsoft&#039;s Knowledge Base) but I cannot locate the file at<BR><BR>Or, is it even worth the trouble to mess with this tool? I am selling some ASP scripts but do not want to give up all the source code invovled in the project. Is there another way to protect my work?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Tracy<BR> t

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    Well, you should be able to download it from the MS website, *but* the code is real easy broken, so it&#039;s not really an good tool to protect your code, it might prevent the casual customer to view your code, but anyone who&#039;s really interested can get your code real easy.<BR><BR>For info on how the code was broken see<BR><BR>

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