I have a site hosted through interland that is having problem lately. I had several access97 format databases on the site accessed various ways through ASP. All had worked fine.<BR><BR>Interland migrated the site to a win2k server, presumably using IIS v5. Now the database driver keeps going down (any db access page gives an "HTTP 500 - Internal server error"). Interland has restarted the driver several times, but they are now saying that the version of the driver being used doesn&#039;t work with Access97 dbs and that I need to update to access2000 or newer.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve found some KB articles on related things, but they&#039;ve said that the 4.0 drivers do work with access97. Note that I can&#039;t check my script right now to see the driver version, because it&#039;s down again. (argh!) <BR><BR>Anyway, has anyone seen or read anything to confirm or refute interland&#039;s claim that this is due to using access97 dbs? I&#039;ve ordered an access2002 update, but I&#039;d like to know if it&#039;s a true solution or if there is some other.<BR><BR>thanks for any advice. cc&#039;s to jwilkinson@mail.com would be appreciated if possible. <BR><BR>jw