how do I read a database field default value?

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Thread: how do I read a database field default value?

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    Default how do I read a database field default value?

    I haven&#039;t found this little answer anywhere in docs or faqs yet... <BR><BR>Ia generic &#039;add new record&#039; form, I want to prepopulate the form fields with the default values of the fields as assigned in the Access db. How to I read those values from the DB? (Preferably without having to read the whole table schema, though one sample page for doing that even failed to show the default access db default values.) <BR><BR>I&#039;d rather not put the defaults in the script itself, but haven&#039;t been able to read them from the db.<BR><BR>if you have an answer, please let me know and please cc me at too.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>jw<BR><BR>(sorry for cross-posting to asp q&a. I posted there by mistake thinking I was in this forum)

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    Default Answered in Q&A forum...

    (I saw your note re the inadvertent cross-post...just doing this so that nobody answers here since it&#039;s answered so well there.)<BR><BR>Hi, cousin. (Probably 73rd cousin, or something like that. Heh.)<BR><BR>

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