Hi <BR>I have abc.asp file contains asp (server side DB related code) script, which generates html at client side along with an href link. Link says that "e-mail this report". The moment click on this link, I would like to do is: Open either MS-Outlook, Lotus Notes (What ever the mail application set to browser default - It&#039;s not a problem) make our executed abc.asp in the form of html at client side as an attachment to the concern mail App. <BR>Note: <BR>* Again the attached file should not contain ASP script <BR>* Means the attached file like static data. <BR>* It should have the same format as he looked before. <BR>* Report may have ref. from .css & .js <BR><BR>I hope u got my Q, if u have any doubts please give me a mail(sharathv@excite.com). <BR>If u could get a chance to look at this Q, I would appreciate u r help on it. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>-Sharath