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    Hi There,<BR><BR>I have a connection problem with Access 2000 where I am receiving a error message telling me that the database is in use by another user, when my database is not opened and no one else than me is working on the computer.<BR>The "Open Exclusively" option is not enable either.<BR><BR>I am using the same codes and queries with SQLServer and it works properly. Obviouly the explicit connection are set properly for each database. I think that it is purely an Access problem.<BR><BR>Has anyone experienced this problem before? Your help will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Best rgards.<BR>Pascal

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    The Problem is likely with your IIs server. The IUSER account password is out of sync with NT. <BR><BR>Try This:<BR><BR>(note this is for win 2000 pro)<BR><BR>1/In the Properties of your IIS server<BR>2/Click "Edit" vutton for the Master Properties (IIS tab)<BR>3/Click on the Directory Security Tab<BR>4/Click "Edit" button for Anonymous access and authentication control<BR>5/Click "Edit" button for Anonymous access<BR>6/Uncheck the "Allow IIS to control password" <BR><BR>Microsoft has some good docs on this.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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