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    Hello everyone, I seem to be having a very odd cookie problem, It will basically keep a user logged in (With the cookie) for one day, then the next day they are not logged in anymore, here is the cookie part of my Login Code:<BR><BR>Response.Cookies("GamingWorld")("user name") = request.form("username")<BR>Response.Cookies("Gami ngWorld")("password") = request.form("password")<BR>Response.Cookies("Gami ngWorld")("gwskin") = objRecordset("skin")<BR>Response.Cookies("GamingWo rld").Expires=#Jan 18, 2038#<BR><BR>(I open a database to add other informatin in like the skin)<BR><BR>Can anyone help me point out the problem? It seems that after I changed the cookie name ("skin") to ("gwskin") I started to have these problems.

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    I might be wrong, but it could be that since you have made these cookies expire WAY OUT, they might still be hanging around on peoples computers with the old values.<BR><BR>You might want to expire them sooner, and/or have a log-out button that deletes them.<BR><BR>Remember, cookies are NOT requested by the server (even though that&#039;s the way the code reads). They are SENT by the browser when it requests a page (client push not server pull). So if the users cookie is tied to www.mysite.com. It will be sent when the user request www.mysite.com, whether the site wants it or not.

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