My problem involves SSI&#039;s. I have the layout of my site set up as SSI&#039;s so I can change one file and change the whole site. The problem that this creats is all of the pages must be on the same level or all of the images/internal links will be broken. My site is structured very simply:<BR><BR>ROOT directory<BR> SUB directory<BR> SUB directory<BR> MORE SUB&#039;s<BR><BR>Thats it. What I want is to be able to have viewable pages in the root directory. Right now I have an index.html that redirects to home/index.asp. This slows me down and doesnt look very good. My links look like this:<BR><BR>../directory/page.asp<BR><BR>Is there any way to structure the links in such a way where it doesn&#039;t matter if the file is in a first level sub directory or the root? I was told that virtual directories, might be able to accomplish this for me. If the prefered, much simplier link modification is impossible then how would I do it with virtual directories? Thanks<BR>