ASP page calls VB.DLL which calls C.DLL fails

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Thread: ASP page calls VB.DLL which calls C.DLL fails

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    Default ASP page calls VB.DLL which calls C.DLL fails

    I have a 3rd party &#039;C.DLL&#039; which I use in several VB apps. When I added this feature to our ASP Web project, I created a VB DLL wrapper to pass the data to the &#039;C.DLL&#039;. It use to work but I think since the web server was upgraded to WIN2K the feature no longer works. The ASP page error reports that the &#039;C.DLL&#039; can not be found. I wrote a VB Form EXE app to test the VB.Dll calling to the C.DLL and it does not fail. I added code to the ASP page to test for FileExists and the C.DLL is found<BR><BR>ASP calls VB.DLL calls C.DLL Fails w/msg "C.DLL" File Not Found<BR>EXE calls VB.DLL calls C.DLL Succeeds<BR>

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    Default RE: ASP page calls VB.DLL which calls C.DLL fails

    HI,<BR><BR>Sound Interesting!<BR>I belive u understand how to use COM Objects in ASP very well?<BR>here is some my thoughts.<BR>Do u know how to handle depended Objects? <BR><BR>Try first Directly registering the C.dll on server and Make a simple example call and test.<BR>if sucess than your Vb.dll is already working.<BR>call registered c.dll in vb.dll (you can import too ad depened) but use both seperately to go simple aproach)<BR><BR>So make ASP Script call VB.dll (already registered) that VB.DLL call C.DLL aldready registered. redirect your restelt like this.<BR><BR>ASP &#062; VB.DLL &#062; c.DLL (to Assign)<BR>ASP &#060; VB.dll &#060; c.dll to receive results.<BR><BR>And to get more simple way this twin approach if look difficult to u. than use two different Obj and certrelly controled by ASP its mean.<BR><BR> ASP &#062; VB.DLL<BR> ASP &#062; C.dll<BR><BR><BR>if didn&#039;t work than write your sample Problem . I will take a look on it.<BR><BR>have a happy coding.<BR><BR><BR>Ali<BR><BR><BR ><BR><BR>

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