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    Is it possible to use both asp code and jsp code in the same page? If so, how might one go about doing it? If not, is there any way to get some jsp code to pass some data to an asp page? <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default No, but yes...

    You can&#039;t possibly mix two technologies on the same page! Yet.<BR><BR>But...<BR><BR>Since from ASP you can treat *any* Web page as string data (see the ASPFAQs, category The Nature of Things), you could invoke a JSP page from an ASP page, of course.<BR><BR>And doing the reverse should be equally easy. I don&#039;t happen to know the component name in JSP, but I bet I could find it real fast.<BR><BR>As for the "yet" above:<BR><BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR><BR><BR><BR ><BR>

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