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    I&#039;m building a little credit application form for Accounting. They want me to store the data in a database (they don&#039;t care what DB, but i&#039;m using MS SQL).<BR><BR>They would like to be able to hit a button that says- "Download Data in Excel Format" so that they can manipulate (run reports) on the data in Excel.<BR><BR>Is there an easy way to do this? My thinking is to open a connection to my SQL database, retrieve the recordset, and then insert a comma (delimit) the data, and store it in a text file using FSO.<BR><BR>Is this the best way?<BR><BR>Thanks everyone!

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    Depends. That will certainly work. If all task parameters ( table definitions, fields, etc. ) will always be the same, you could open SQL from access with a macro and use ADO to perform the operation , and choose a custom file name each time.

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