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    I am currently pulling data from a server database using asp to create html tables. The data is hierachical and numeric; ie- divisions split between subsidiaries split between agents, etc, etc.. Would it be better to convert the data from the database into xml and then parse this in the browser so the user could possibly drill-down and rotate the data at the client end? Is xml indeed the correct way or are there other ways of acheiving this?

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    There are always other ways. Instead of writing the data as XML for the client, you could write the data into javascript arrays. <BR><BR>What are you more comfortable with? Are you sure your clients will have XML parser available? <BR><BR>I&#039;d say XML sounds like the cool way to go, but at least consider other options. I think there&#039;s an article on 4guys that does the XML approach, you might want to do a search for it

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