Hello,<BR> I am using ad rotation ASP script. A couple of the URLs have characters (namely + plus sign) that loads a 404 not found page instead of the appropriate URL. When I use the same URL in the address field (type it in or copy it), it works. Is there any way to fix this? Take a look at:<BR><BR>http://www.sabranet.co.il/sabra1.asp<BR><BR> Click on the banner that says "Hataklit" or "JewishMusic.com" and you&#039ll see what I mean. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you.<BR><BR>Cordially,<BR><BR>Eyal D. Dunkel<BR>E-Mail: eyald@sabra.net<BR>SABRAnet®<BR>http://www.sabranet.co.il<BR>Where Israel comes alive on the Internet<BR>** The leading, award-winning, Israel-related site since 1995 **