Sorry I wasn&#039;t sure which forum to post this in...<BR><BR>I have an Intranet and an Extranet.<BR>The intranet is generally used to develop software to put on the extranet.<BR><BR>I have developed a generic logon verification system which is on the extranet, and is a one-time logon which stores info so you don&#039;t need to log on to each seperate application on the extranet.<BR><BR>This log on screen takes user input, verifies the user and posts the users info (name, dept,...) via a hidden form to the original calling page. Its up to that page to keep track from then on.<BR><BR>Now this system works great for any page with the same base domain as the logon scripts.<BR><BR>But! When I use the script from an app in development on the intranet, the user gets verified, the script posts the details back to the calling page and "Error 405 - Method Not Allowed".<BR><BR>This isn&#039;t a session related problem because the sessions are only handled by the logon script (or independant of it), so scratch that.<BR><BR>This also doesn&#039;t seem to be a problem with the server (405 is usually something to do with FP extensions). I can still post self-loading forms on the development app.<BR><BR>Huh? I do not believe that it is &#039;illegal&#039; to post forms to different domains... I could save this &#039;post a message&#039; form to my PC, load it and fill it from there, and submit it back to with no problem right?<BR><BR>Hopefully I&#039;ve included enough info, this is driving me a bit bonkers at the moment...I could swear I used to be able to post forms x-domain.<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Aelf