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    i am trying to change the format of the iis<BR>log files from yy/mm/dd --&#062; dd/mm/yy and would have expected<BR>this to happen when i changed the short date style<BR>in the regional settings<BR> .... but this had no impact<BR> .... has anyone done this & how ?<BR><BR>cheers in advance<BR>

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    Yeah, if I remember correctly, there are date options set at install that can only be changed with a reinstall.<BR><BR>You don&#039;t have to redo your whole system, but you have to reinstall WinNT / Win2K and choose the correct options during setup.<BR><BR>I&#039;m an American working in Austria, and I set up a Win2K server here. I chose the European date formats on install (I&#039;d honestly never run into the question before). Later, I found out that it&#039;s usually best to install with American date formats. Anyway, had to reinstall 2K to fix the problems.

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