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    Default CreateTextFile - permission denied

    I&#039m building a tracker to detect surfer behaviour but require the log to generate a new file each day, but the createtextfile causes problems.....why do I get a "permission denied" error on the line:-<BR><BR>"Set ofx = fso.CreateTextFile(LogFileName, True)"<BR><BR>&#039-------------------------------------------------<BR>LogFileName = "d:\web\myhosthere\www\cgibin\tracker\logs\3012199 9.txt"<BR><BR>Dim fso, ofx<BR>Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>If (fso.FileExists(LogFileName)) Then<BR>Else<BR> Set ofx = fso.CreateTextFile(LogFileName, True)<BR> ofx.close<BR> Set fso = nothing<BR>End If<BR>&#039-------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>the path appears to be correct as I validate the presence of the file with:-<BR><BR>"If (fso.FileExists(LogFileName)) Then...."<BR>and generate the file for each new day...dummy test files work fine, but new auto generated ones :(<BR><BR>regards<BR>fl1rt

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    Default RE: CreateTextFile - permission denied

    You have to set Write property in your IIS to create a textfile or using fieSystemObject for a perticular user

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    Default RE: CreateTextFile - still lost!

    I&#039m still puzzled....<BR><BR>how do I set the WRITE property in my IIS to create a text file?<BR><BR>I&#039ve no idea what you mean by fileSystemObject for a particular user either.<BR><BR>thanks for the help<BR>fl1rt

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    Default RE: CreateTextFile - webhost support?

    are these settings that my web hosting support have to change, as I don&#039t see what else I can configure from this side of things, to be able create files?<BR><BR>fl1rt

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