I&#039;m using ASP/ADO to connect to an Oracle DB, but I&#039;m having some performance problems.<BR>Here&#039;s what happens (both in Production and Development environments, see below for details)<BR>1) When I call the first ASP page which connects to the database it takes about 30 seconds to return the results (even if the page contains only one very simple query (exec. time: 10 ms via SQLPlus))<BR>2) All the ASP pages connecting to the database processed after the first ASP page are as fast as they have to be (according to the SQL code they have to process (from 1 sec. to 10 sec)) only if they are called after a short time interval (about a couple of minutes), otherwise I have to wait about 30 seconds again.<BR><BR><BR>System Info:<BR>-Development Environment: <BR>a)IIS5 on W2K Server, Microsoft ODBC for Oracle<BR>b)Oracle 8.1.7 on W2K Server<BR>-Production Environment<BR>a)IIS4 on NT4 Server, Microsoft ODBC for Oracle<BR>b)Oracle 8.1.7 on Solaris<BR><BR>Any suggestion ??<BR>Thanks.<BR>