I am adding to a table in my SQL DB and I need to Add 100 times.<BR>I need to put a LOOP around my sql Statement. but when I do I recieve the message "Cannot open connection if it is already open." The loop is trying to re-open the connection. How can I LOOP without including the connection.??????<BR><BR>Ex.<BR>Dim c<BR>c = 0<BR>do while c&#060;3<BR>rstSQL = "execute sp_AddCars @idcar=" & idcar<BR> ******this is the problem*********<BR> rs.Open rstSQL,cnnAFAC<BR> ******the loop keeps trying to re-open the connection?***<BR>c = c + 1<BR>loop<BR><BR><BR>HOW DO I LOOP? <BR>thnx<BR>mailto:przna@hotmail.com