I know how to make a popup window without a toolbar etc...<BR>But I use it in a chatprogram that I want to distribute to other sites in our region, to make some kind of community.<BR>Now for that popup windows I use a script MM_popup and then I use a link that refers to that functions.<BR>This is for most people already tricky to put in their html-code, as most of thos websites in the region are made with something like frontpage etc, the people do not know a thing about html.<BR>What I would like is that they could insert a simple link in their webpage: eg.: <BR>&#060;a href="http://mywebsite/chat.asp"&#062;chatbox&#060;/a&#062;<BR>But that this page opens another window WITHOUT toolbar and a fixed size and closes the first window...<BR>The problem: the browser asks confirmation to close the window!!<BR>Can anyone help me with this? Any ideas how I can do that? Maybe a totally different way?<BR><BR>Please help me!