I have 2 servers in which my code works on one but not the other. The environment that it works in is Win NT sp6, IIS 4 with VBscript engine v5.5. The other one that it is not working in is Windows 2000 Advanced Server sp 2 with a couple of hotfixes, IIS with VBScript engine v5.5. On the 2000 box I get a "Error Type: (0x8002801D) Library not registered." message when I browse the page. Am I missing a dll? <BR><BR>Here is the code snipet:<BR>Locker = RS4("Locker")<BR>If Len(RS4("Locker")) &#062; 0 then<BR>set regex = new RegExp<BR>regex.Global = True<BR>regex.Pattern = "(,+?)"<BR>response.Write FormatNumber(regex.Execute(Locker).Count, 0) +1<BR>else<BR>response.Write "0"<BR>end if <BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Doug