I&#039;m having trouble checking to make sure that an option box is filled in.<BR><BR>I figured I could use this -<BR><BR>Value=Request.Form("Value")<BR><BR>IF Value = "" THEN<BR> Session("MissedValue") = "T"<BR><BR>The user is then sent back to the form where the session variable MissedValue is check and if it = T then error message explaining problem to user.<BR><BR>For some reason, this won&#039;t work, I don&#039;t get an error message, the form just carries on as if the script isn&#039;t there.<BR><BR>Anyone got another way of checking for values? Bear in mine each instance of the option box has a value attached so I can&#039;t use -<BR><BR>value="&#060;%=Session("Value")%&#062;"<BR ><BR>Thanks.