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    Seema Guest

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    Are there any mail packages (with full features for folders,<BR>attachments,etc) to be used in IIS 4.0 running on NT<BR><BR>thanks.<BR>Seema

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    Try jmail. Thanx

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    Gundi Guest

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    U have got SMTP server running on IIS 4/5 which helps u in sending mails along with attachments try it out.<BR>I&#039ve worked on that. It&#039s really worth sending mails.

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    Seema Guest

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    Thanx for the info.<BR>But i have tried CDONTS on SMTP server.<BR>I am currently trying to setup a mail service on the site<BR>where members can read their email,etc. For attachments,<BR>I am not able to read an attachment sent.<BR>Also i am not able to create new folders like sent,trash,etc.<BR><BR>Any advice.<BR><BR>thanks

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