Please check my code, very short, what is wrong???

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Thread: Please check my code, very short, what is wrong???

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    Default Please check my code, very short, what is wrong???

    What I do here is that I want to pass my form variables to this CGI Perlscript, below is codes that I interact with CGI. Can someone done this before, please help???Thank you so much!<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>If UCASE(Request.QueryString("Action")) = "THIS" Then<BR>url = "" & Server.URLEncode( Request.Form("txtUsername")) & "&password=" & Server.URLEncode(Request.Form("txtPassword")& Method="get"& resoveurl="false"))<BR><BR>Set objXMLHTTP = SErver.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR><BR>ob jXMLHTTP.Open "GET", url, False &#039; See! even args are same as CF!<BR>objXMLHTTP.Send<BR><BR>strReturn = objXMLHTTP.responseText &#039; My error comes from here I think<BR>Set objXMLHTTP = Nothing<BR>Response.Write "The value of strReturn is " & strReturn & "<BR>"<BR><BR>Response.End<BR><BR><BR><BR>If strReturn = "1" Then<BR>Response.Redirect ""<BR>Else<BR>Response.Redirect ""<BR>End If<BR>End if<BR>%&#062;<BR>

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    Default What error?

    What&#039;s the error message?

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    Default HUGE SIGH!

    I have spend MUCH TOO MUCH time on this already!<BR><BR>Why, why, why did you decide to all of a sudden start changing things in ways the can&#039;t POSSIBLY work???<BR><BR>url = "" & Server.URLEncode( Request.Form("txtUsername")) & "&password=" & Server.URLEncode(Request.Form("txtPassword")& Method="get"& resoveurl="false")) <BR><BR>Did you even TRY to debug that???<BR><BR>By doing<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; Response.Write "url: " & url & "&#060;HR&#062;"<BR>????<BR><BR>Of course not! Or you would have seen that the URL was something like<BR><BR> False<BR><BR>I will leave it to you to figure out what screwed-up code you have there that is producing the COMPLTELY BOGUS "FalseFalse" on the end of that URL!<BR><BR>

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