I&#039;m working on writing a web interface for a DOS program that has its own database system. I input the search using commandline switches. I soon realized ASP didn&#039;t have capability to run DOS programs. I tried ASPExec, Dynucom, and WScript host. All three should be valid solutions! HOWEVER, there seems to be some permissions/security problem. The DOS exe freezes in ASPExec and Dynucom (and doesn&#039;t take any CPU time). With WScript Host, the program returns an error box and a zero. I think the problem is permissions with Win 2000 / IIS. I&#039;ve tried setting permissions to IUSR_&#060;computer&#062; and also Everyone, but it still doesn&#039;t work!<BR>Help!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Michael Brockman<BR>Bioinformatics Center<BR>Western Kentucky University