I have some database values being returned from a javaServlet in XML format that I am trying to parse with JavaScript on the client.<BR><BR>An example of the XML returned is:<BR>&#060;FIELDS NAME="JOHN DOE" ADDRESS="123 SOME STREET"&#062;<BR>&#060;FIELDS NAME="JANE DOE" ADDRESS="987 SOMEOTHER STREET"&#062;<BR><BR>I am trying to pull out JUST the values for the Addresses.<BR><BR>The code that I have (and that doesn&#039;t work) is:<BR><BR>function parseAddress(theReply) {<BR><BR> var re = new RegExp("ADDRESS=+", "")<BR> var testTest="";<BR> <BR> testTest = theReply.split(re);<BR> alert(testTest);<BR><BR>}<BR><BR><BR>Can someone help?<BR>