I know this was posted on the advanced board also but I did not receive a response and thought maybe it wasn&#039;t advanced as I was making it so I am posting it here too. Hope not to offend anybody:<BR><BR>I am making an application in VB that queries an ASP page on my web<BR>server to get some search engine statistics for domain names. My VB<BR>program simply passes the domain name in the querystring to the ASP<BR>page. The ASP page then uses the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object to open a<BR>connection to each search engine (6) and pull down on page of data. The<BR>ASP page then parses the data it received from the search engines and<BR>Response.Writes the result for my VB program to grab and use. This seems<BR>to work fairly well, taking about 3 seconds per domain name. However,<BR>when I attempt to perform 4 and 5 requests at a time it takes about 6-8<BR>seconds per domain name. I was wondering what I could do to possibly<BR>make this quicker. Maybe there&#039;s another component I could use? I plan<BR>on selling this program and it&#039;s possible there could be MANY people<BR>hitting my web server at the same time. My web hosting company seems to<BR>have a very fast connection to the net, so I don&#039;t think that&#039;s the<BR>problem. Any suggestions would be helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Shawn<BR>