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Thread: ASPPop3 Mailer Object help.

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    Default ASPPop3 Mailer Object help.

    I&#039;m simply trying to create & open the ASPPop3 mailer object. My host insists that the Component is installed on the server, however I am having probs opening it. Please can someone confirm whether I am doing something wrong or whether the component is not installed on the server.<BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default Use JMail instead if you can

    Um, you&#039;d better tell us the error message you&#039;re getting unless we have any psychics in the house :)<BR><BR>One thing - I&#039;ve heard bad things about ServerObjects in general and ASPpop3 in particular (resource gobbling monster) so if you&#039;ve got access to JMail use that instead.

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