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    Hi guys, I want to write code that will go through any given newsgroup and search for and extract (save) image attachments; for example, I can enter a newsgroup name and after the code runs I&#039;ll have a folder full of image files that were attached to some/all messages in the newsgroup I entered.<BR><BR>I really want to somehow connect this with VC++ code so I can do image processing on the images I save but right now I just want to extract the images. Where do I start ? I know a guy that did this in cold fusion so you must be able to do it in ASP. I need some links and some starting points.<BR><BR>Thanks guys.<BR>

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    Assuming you are familiar with ASP and scripting, I would start by talking with the guy you know who did it using coldfusion. Find out the details about his solution and see if any is applicable to an ASP based solution (i.e. - is he using com object/component). Then you can start prototyping your solution and if you encounter a specific problem you can post it to the board.<BR><BR>Pete

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