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    Is it possible to use one one submatch in the regular expression to return more than one submatch in the submatches collection?<BR><BR>Consider: You&#039;re trying to match an image tag, and extract the attributes into submatches at the same time.<BR><BR>Your tag could be:<BR>&#060;img src="image.gif" alt="image"&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;img width=400 src="image.gif" alt="image" border=0&#062;<BR><BR>The Regular Expression I&#039;ve come up with is "&#060;s*img(?:s+(ws*=s*".*?"))*s*&#062;", where I&#039;m trying to match as many attributes as possible before the closing tag, storing just the &#039;attribute="value"&#039; as a submatch.<BR><BR>My submatches collection always contains only one item - the last submatch. I suspect that each new occurrence is overwriting the previous one. How do I tell it to store each submatch as a new item, rather than overwriting the old one?<BR><BR>It&#039;s my first Regular Expression, btw

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    Yes I can see that :O)<BR>What attributes are you interested in ??<BR><BR>if you&#039;re interested in src then this will help you:<BR><BR>sPattern = "&#060;img srcs?=(u0022&#124027s)?(.*?)(u0022&#124027&#124s )?"<BR>Then submatch(1) will contain image.gif !<BR><BR>you should have in mind that there&#039;s no guarantee for that the img attributes are in any particularly order, someone could write the alt= first and then src= !!<BR>To solve this problem you need to make a little loop, matching each interesting attribute one at a time! HINT: use my pattern and replace the SRC with a variable and do the loop on that!<BR><BR>If you&#039;re interested in all with a &#039;=&#039; then you should repeat my pattern without the &#039;src&#039;, but in my opinion it&#039;s a bad solution!<BR><BR>Janus

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