Here&#039;s a mock up of the code, problem follows:<BR>---------------------------------------------<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE spPage_EQUIPMENT<BR> @nvcEquipment varchar(500),<BR> @ERROR_MSG varchar (255) OUTPUT<BR>AS<BR><BR>SET NOCOUNT ON<BR><BR>DECLARE<BR> @Buildings_Adj_Cost real<BR><BR>** POSITION ONE **<BR><BR>IF @nvcEquipment&#060;&#062;&#039;&#039;<BR>BEGIN<BR> Some statements<BR>END<BR><BR>** POSITION TWO **<BR><BR>----------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Now, here&#039;s the weird bit. @nvcEquipment contains a string that receives a level of processing in the "SOME STATEMENTS" area.<BR><BR>Trouble is, even when I CONFIRM that information is being passed into the Procedure, the processing doesn&#039;t take place.<BR><BR>I did some debugging and here&#039;s the strange behavior:<BR><BR>If I do something like @ERROR_MSG = @nvcEquipment in POSITION ONE, NOTHING is returned. It&#039;s blank. If I do the SAME LINE in POSITION TWO, the @ERROR_MSG returns with the correct @nvcEquipment string. This confirms that the string is getting passed in correctly, but why is it BLANK in Pos One and not blank in Pos Two???????