FREAKIN IIS, arggg! My ASP pages are hanging

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Thread: FREAKIN IIS, arggg! My ASP pages are hanging

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    Default FREAKIN IIS, arggg! My ASP pages are hanging

    For whatever reason, IIS doesn&#039;t want to serve me my ASP pages. It will, however, serve up any ASP page under localhost/IISHelp/ (go figure). What happens is this:<BR><BR>1) I request localhost/index.asp<BR>2) my browser (IE6) sits there, "opening http://localhost/index.asp..." indefinitely<BR>3) after about 3 minutes I get "Document Done" and there&#039;s nothing (viewing source yields "&#060;HTML&#062;&#060;/HTML&#062;" and that&#039;s it.<BR><BR>When I check the processes running, all I see are a couple DLLHOSTS and they&#039;re normal (taking a few megs, sometimes 10-14). Nothing like an infinite loop would produce (heh). The oddity is that this was working FINE not an hour ago, then I rebooted or something and now it&#039;s focked! I would imagine that&#039;s where my problem is, some program interfering with this. I can&#039;t put my finger on it though.<BR><BR>It will serve anything but ASP. Text, html, you name it! Anyone else have this issue or any ideas on how to solve it? System specs are:<BR><BR>AMD Athlon 1.4ghz / 256mb ram / too much disk space<BR>Windows 2000 SP2 (and every security patch) - IIS 5 w/ every security patch available

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    Default RE: FREAKIN IIS, arggg! My ASP pages are hanging

    Possible permission problem?<BR>Try running the Microsoft IIS lockdown tool available at:<BR><BR><BR>During the first run of the utility, lock down ASP pages. Then run the tool again and unlock it.

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