Hi!<BR><BR>I have got a bit of a weird question I suppose. I have got this existing site, lets<BR>call it site A that I need to redo a bit and add to it. It has got a SQL Server 7 database<BR>and has been done in ASP+using XML technologies.<BR><BR>Now I have made an exact copy of site A, into another directory so lets call that site B.<BR>I have also used the DTS package in SQL Server 7 to make an exact copy of the database<BR>and hence we got Site B db as well.<BR><BR>Now when I connect from Site B to Site A original db, all the pages+data load A-OK!<BR>However when I load from Site B to Site B db, pages are loaded but there is no data from the database!!!<BR><BR>I have checked all the ASP pages and they are the same, no weird conditions and have compared and checked the<BR>2 databases and they are identical as well.<BR><BR>Would could be the problem???<BR><BR>Any help would be much appreaciated<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Vlad