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    Hi,<BR><BR>Been racking my brain over the last eek trying to find som e sample code. All I want is to have a drop down list of cities in my county. I want the users to be able to select any number of choices and have it pull back the citites it finds matches for and display the ID field from that database table as a hyperlink. I can do the hyperlink part but I CANNOT ever figure out a way to display any records when I select more than one city. I mean isnt this soooo basic? I dont understand what happens when i select 2 or more cities. WHat data is sent over and how. I gather my receiving code puts an AND in there. You can see the sample I made here : It just adds and to the multiple cities selected. I know i will never find this and need an OR in there. Is this possible? Can anyone suggest some code on how to do this? This is first made in Access db and used Frontpage. The latter can change of course but need code on returning results from access db. Please help!!!<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    If your form field is "CityList" then the info that is posted looks like:<BR><BR>CityList = 23 (one city)<BR><BR>CityList = 23, 24 (two cities)<BR><BR>CityList = 23, 24, 56 (three cities)<BR><BR>So, it&#039;s essentially a delimited list.<BR><BR>Variable2 = Split(Request.Form("CityList"), ",")<BR><BR>etc etc etc

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