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    What are the key considerations when deciding whether to use HTML or write the HTML in VB (ie Response.Write "<P>....")? When does it make sense to let the ASP engine write the HTML code. Obviously it is faster to write plain HTML but what if I have switch to VB from time to time. Are there some basic ground rules? Articles to read? Thanks in advance

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    For performance issues look at more important things then if Response.WRite&#039;ing HTML is better than plain. Focus on database design & speed and killing all your objects.<BR><BR>i like a lot of asp programmers have pretty much all of the logic at the top of the asp page (perhaps a function/sub in an include that gets used over and over).<BR><BR>Then for the HTML it&#039;s just plain with &#060;%="dynamic content here"%&#062;<BR><BR>Sometimes i have sub&#039;s and functions that spit out a fair amount of HTML. It really depends on person preference and the situatuion for what is the best.

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