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    Riva Horowitz Guest

    Default ASP setup

    I had ASP set up at work, but would like to use it on my home computer. What do I need to run ASP? (Or what&#039s the cheapest method to get something that simulates it?). Thanx in advance for any help!

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    Marcel Vogel Guest

    Default RE: ASP setup

    Its easy, if you use win95 you can download Personal Web Server for free from the microsoft website, if you use win98, Personal Web Server is already included.<BR><BR>Marcel.<BR>

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    Riva Guest

    Default RE: ASP setup - Thanx, Marcel!

    Thanx for helping me out with that one; it turns out it&#039ll be a lot more useful than I thought, since it runs CGI scripts. For anyone whom it may interest, the address I found the download for Personal Web Server at is:<BR>

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