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    i am doing a system using object-oriented analysis and design <BR>the problem my lecturer suggested to use ASP and SQL Server 7.0 to do my web application.Maybe she thought i was going to use the conventional method like my other friends but my group mate and i would like to do something different.Can ASP suuport OO Design or do i have to use ASP.NET?

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    ASP is simply an engine that allows scripting engines to be "plugged into" the IIS Web Server.<BR><BR>ASP, per se, is object neutral. It neither knows nor cares *how* you are building your web pages. It simply provides the "glue" that binds scripting and web hosting together.<BR><BR>So...<BR><BR>Are you *really* asking if the scripting languages available via ASP are capable of OO design?<BR><BR>SURE! Heck, if I can do OO design in C and assembly language, the surely you can do it in VBScript and JavaScript.<BR><BR>But don&#039;t confuse OO design with OO *programming*. They are two completely different things!<BR><BR>But I *think* you are asking the same question Sreenivas asked the other day, in the Advanced forum:<BR><BR><BR>See my answer to that. <BR><BR>Yes, with good design and care in coding, you can do both OO design and OO programming with even VBScript. And there are some arguments that can be made for saying that JavaScript is one of the most OO languages ever created. Consider: With Java and C++ (and VBScript and Object Pascal and), in order to add a characteristic to an object instance, you have to modify the *class* that the object is an instance of. So I am fond of calling these languages "Class-Oriented Programming Languages". But with JavaScript, each and every object *can* have both methods and properties added to it! Without modifying the definition of the "class" it is an instance of!<BR><BR>I have yet to see a usage of JavaScript that fully exploits this capability! And, of course, JavaScript (like VBScript) suffers from a lack of built-in polymorphism. But, still... I think there truly are more "worlds to build" with JavaScript.<BR><BR>VBscript, on the other hand, is about at the end of its rope. Without major re-design, it&#039;s hard to take it much further. And the classes of VBScript 5 are a step in the right direction, but unfortunately you pay such a horrendous performance penalty when you use them that one has to wonder if they are worth their while.<BR><BR>Does this get you started?<BR><BR>

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