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    Hi, <BR>I went through the wizard to create a new web site on my NT server. <BR>I have a few sites sitting on that server. Those sites can be accessed from out side using the browser and the name that was entered for the browser header. <BR>I have gone through the site properties over and over, I don&#039;t see anything different in the directory or web site properties. <BR>I am unable to find the site in the browser. <BR><BR>I was wondering if there is another step after creating the site. Do I need to do anythisg else to make my site viewable from outside. It is not a www site. It is basically just a test site for client to have a look. <BR><BR>I need it be a separate site for the include files to show up properly. <BR><BR>Any help on this would be greately appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>KD

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    How are *you* trying to access it? Through the url bar with something like:<BR><BR>http://computersname/sitelocation/home.asp<BR><BR>or some other way?<BR><BR>Have you associated an IP with it? Are you using this IP to access your site?<BR><BR>Is the site created separate from the default site in IIS or is it a child of the default?

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