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    i can`t even test my page on IE <BR>my file is test.asp<BR>the only thing that wrote is &#060;% response.write "test" %&#062;<BR>then i saved it in a Web folder called shyamal<BR>in IE the address i typed is http:\shyamal est.asp<BR>i have already started my PWS but is not working<BR>why?<BR>plz help!

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    Go back and reread how to publish pages that PWS can serve up.<BR><BR>What do you mean by a "web folder"???<BR><BR>In any case, URLs are always given with / characters, not <BR><BR>And the first thing in any URL must be something that identifies WHICH server. So "" works. And so does "" [I made that up! Don&#039;t try it!].<BR><BR>And, most importantly for you, so does:<BR><BR>http://localhost/directory/file.asp<BR><BR>"localhost" is a special name that means "on the same machine."<BR><BR>

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