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    i have just found that my web hosting service is running chilisoft asp and doesn`t support access databases, is it possible to export an access database to mysql and use that. i`ve never used mysql before so any pointers or links to documentation would be useful<BR>ta

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    It&#039;s not hard *IF* you have access to the Linux command level, where you can issue commands to MySQL directly.<BR><BR>From ASP...much tougher.<BR><BR>For myself, I wrote a little ASP program that I run on PWS that dumps a DB (uses Connection.OpenSchema to find all tables, dumps all tables). It looks at the field names and types and generates a CREATE TABLE statement for each table and then a batch of INSERT INTO statements for every record in the table.<BR><BR>Then, on the Linux side, I run a very tiny ASP page that simply reads the text file and issues those lines as SQL commands to MySQL, one at a time.<BR><BR>This works real well so long as your tables don&#039;t get too huge, such that you might get a timeout from the ASP page. I haven&#039;t gone to the trouble, yet, but it wouldn&#039;t be hard to break the processing into "batches"--say into 500 records per batch? And then have the ASP page automatically response.redirect (or let HTML do a refresh) with instructions to grab the next batch.<BR><BR>

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