how can I pass a 2-d array from client side script to an asp that I launch in a modal dialog? <BR><BR>for example -<BR>on the client side i have -<BR>dim aryTest(4)<BR> aryTest(0) = "a1"<BR> aryTest(1) = "b2"<BR> aryTest(2) = "c3"<BR> aryTest(3) = "d4"<BR> strReturnVal = window.showModalDialog ("modaltest.asp",aryTest,"dialogWidth:750px;dialog Height:650px")<BR><BR>in modaltest.asp I have code that looks like -<BR><BR>dim aryTest1(4)<BR><BR>sub window_onload<BR> aryTest1 = window.dialogarguments<BR>end sub<BR><BR>the modaltest.asp code generates a "type mismatch" error at the line where I try to set aryTest1=window.dialogarguments. Please note that if I pass a simple variable I have no problems with the code. I realize that I can concatenate my array elements into a single string and then pass this string to the modal dialog window but I would prefer to be able to pass the array and not have to deal with the additional code required to concatenate and then parse a text string.