First apologies for duplicating this query but I realised it was in the wrong forum<BR><BR>Win 2K IIS 5.0 Access 2000, <BR><BR>Table 1 Properties <BR><BR>Table 2 Rooms <BR><BR>I want to create an input screen with property details to go into Properties, no problem so far, however I now want to add rooms to these properties without having to go through the process of selecting the property, adding a room, Inserting and repeating the whole process to add another room, Is it possible to create one screen adding the property details with a subform adding room details and INSERTING as a batch? <BR><BR>I am currently forced to use an Access database, may be able to use MYSQL sometime in the future. <BR><BR>Any Help really appreciated, In case anybody is wondering I am a pedigreed Photoshop and Homesite designer, It&#039;s ASP that is now becoming a priority and I am a novice. <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Guy McLaren <BR> <BR>PS are signatures allowed here?