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    I have my default page, Inside of that I have two pages(or two frames) But the top frame is the menu, and login form. And the second page is just displayes the pages.<BR><BR>I would like the user to log-in and have it submit it information a access. Check the user, and display the correct page on the bottom frame. (WHICH THAT IS WORKING), After that I would like the top page to change it page to something different like let&#039;s say a different menu screen, with a log out page, and so on. <BR>So the question I am ask is:<BR>How would I make the top menu change to something different<BR><BR>I hope this isn&#039;t too confusing.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    will assume that you are changing the bottom frame with some javasript so after that just do a response.redirect "newmenupage"<BR>

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