I want to download a sql server .bak file from an admin site directory.<BR><BR>I have used msxml for striping web page information and other files from sites with success, but the .bak file is just completely barfing -- it doesnt seem to like the binary content<BR><BR>&#039;example code!<BR>set xmlhttpFILE = wscript.Createobject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")<BR>xm lhttpFILE.Open "GET","http://blah/dbname_db_date.BAK", false, "administrator", "admin"<BR>xmlhttpFILE.setRequestHeader "Content-type","application/octet-stream"<BR>xmlhttpFILE.send<BR><BR>now to get the data I have tried<BR>xmlhttpFILE.responsetext & responsestream & responsebody, and the most I get is 4 bytes with responsetext (the file is c.2Mb); also I have tried different request and response headers<BR><BR>any suggestions, or other **free** solutions where I can programatically download this file using asp (can I use SA-FileUp in reverse?)