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    i give session.timeout=3.After 3 minutes of inactivity, i want an alert "Session timeout" and onClick "OK", i want the user to be redirected to the login.asp page.<BR><BR>Pls help.

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    you can&#039;t do this in global.asa<BR><BR>this is not perfect but I think<BR>the best you can do is after successful login do something like<BR><BR>Session("Status") = "LoggedIn"<BR><BR>don&#039;t do this in global.asa Session_OnStart, because by the time you then try and check this the var will have been set as a new session will have begun!<BR><BR><BR>Then on all your other pages assume that if this var is empty the session has ended and alert then redirect back to the login.asp <BR><BR>You could put the check for Session("Status") in an include file to make life a bit easier.<BR><BR><BR>hope that helps

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