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    Hi everyone, This is to do with server variables. I''m making a web site for a university subject, and to access this site, you need to log in using your university user name and password. In the server variables, along with the user name and password is stored a whole heap of other information in custom server variables eg the student number is stored in HTTP_QUT_CLIENT_STUDENT_NUMBER. I can see the value of this header when I print out ALL_HTTP, but when I try to look at this header by itself, the value is just a blank. I need this information so that a student can access information that is particular to them. (I''m not using the user name because the only available information is a list of student numbers and names who are enrolled in the subject). Thanks in advance for your help, Paul Murray

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    From<BR><BR>"The server interprets any underscore (_) characters in HeaderName as dashes in the actual header. For example if you specify HTTP_MY_HEADER, the server searches for a header sent as MY-HEADER."<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Peter

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    Default Nice find!

    Excellent detective skills, Dutch!<BR><BR>So I guess that means if he can&#039;t change the name in the headers he&#039;ll simply have to parse the "all" looking for it. Not really that hard, thanks to SPLIT and INSTR and the like.<BR><BR>

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