Hello all. This past month I&#039;ve been doing a bunch of stuff on <BR>my test server. Making registry changes for password <BR>authentication to allow me to connect to samba space on my new <BR>linux server and installing oracle 8i. This morning I noticed my <BR>site was now pointing to oracle (not sure if related), but when <BR>I stopped the oracle http service, I then noticed i can&#039;t run <BR>Internet service manager. Another potential thing I did to have <BR>caused this - I deleted a directory where I had a Visual source <BR>safe virtual directory. Not sure which of these three (if any) <BR>are causing my problem - but I now can&#039;t get IIS to run.<BR><BR>when I attempt to run it:<BR>Program C:winntsystem32iis.mmc abnormal program termination<BR>===<BR>Event viewer at boot (not sure if related):<BR><BR>The service could not bind instance 6. The data is the error <BR>code. <BR><BR>The server was unable to add the virtual root &#039;/Data&#039; for the <BR>directory &#039;C:pineiro-vssdata&#039; due to the following error: The <BR>system cannot find the path specified. The data is the error <BR>code. <BR><BR>There was an article under technet for "SMS 2.0 SP1 Is Not <BR>Compatible with WMI Version 1085" which produces a similar <BR>error, but that does not seem to apply as the software and reg <BR>key I need to address are not even on my system.<BR><BR>Help! So far I&#039;ve done a full backup, created a repair disc and used a shareware to export my IIS metabase. I&#039;m ready for the worst - which will be reinstalling IIS and SP5. Someone please tell me there&#039;s a better way.<BR><BR>jc<BR><BR>please email me directly at jcpineiro@telocity.com with any info <BR>on this. <BR><BR>Many Thanks.<BR><BR><BR>