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    amby Guest

    Default Getting the Static HTML code from the browser wind

    I want to save the source code of the asp(HTML) page I am viewing in my browser window.<BR>Is there any methind in asp by which I can get the Static HTML from my browser page being displayed. <BR>When we right click the mouse button on the browser window and select view source from the available options the static html code is obtained. I want to get this static HTML code programatically through asp page.

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    That is the beauty of ASP, your code is protected from others viewing it.<BR><BR>$DATA you can try this. It might show you the code if the server administrator has not updated the security patches on their IIS 3.0 server or lower. IIS 4.0 Protects against this type of attack.<BR><BR>Respectfully,<BR><BR>Jason<BR>webma<BR>

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    Default Microsoft.XMLHTTP GET/POST URL

    There are a couple ways<BR>You can get a third party com object.<BR>Or For Free ~<BR><BR>I use the Microsoft.XMLHTTP object<BR> that comes with IE5 on the sever<BR>Dim xmlHTTP <BR>sURL = "<BR>xml/reference/scriptref/xmlhttprequest_open.asp"<BR><BR>Set xmlHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")<BR>xmlHTT "GET",sURL , false<BR>xmlHTTP.send<BR>response.write xmlHTTP.ResponseText<BR><BR>

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    amby Guest

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    Andrew<BR>Hi , Thanx for the reply<BR>But I think u have got me wrong , I want an access to the html source code of the asp page that I am viewing on my browser window, this page has been sent to me by the IIS server in response to my request.<BR>

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